Addicts are mostly unaware of the critical state they are in because they still feel in control of their substance use. It makes it difficult for them to seek help personally or respond to a loved one’s hand of assistance. Unfortunately, for addiction treatment to be effective, the addict must be willing to be helped.

Hence, there remains that deep eating worry about the state of health of the loved one and the guilt of not being able to help.

To worsen the problem will be a friend or family member, with good intentions, trying to force the loved one to get treatment. If this is your predicament, worry no more here are a few steps that can help you encourage an addict into treatment:

  • Self-encouragement: 

You should accept that the person you are seeking to help is an addict and needs your support. So, you could brace yourself up for the time and emotions, also, the determination to see the addict well. This step is necessary when the addict is a family member or a loved one where acceptance might be difficult.

  • Self-enlightenment:

You may educate yourself about substance abuse, addiction, withdrawal symptoms, and various treatment options. Understanding the state of the addict can help you in your manner of approach and being in control of the discussion. 

  • Words of encouragement:

Be careful not to condemn or use words that could guilt-trip the addict, rather, offer words of encouragement. Let the addict feel like you understand their situation and you are ready to offer support come what may.

  • Avoid enabling:

Enabling involves offering financial aid to an addict or lying to help them hide the problem. If you find yourself doing any of these, it implies you are supporting the addict. Cut those acts, though it could seem tough.

  • Intervention:

Consider the help of a professional intervention counselor if your efforts do not seem to be working. However, be very sure progress was not made before introducing intervention of any kind.

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