Addiction is like a slow poison, you do not know you have fallen victim until something grievous happens or if you are lucky, a loved one figures it out for you.

Perhaps, it is not for yourself that you suspect addiction but for a relation or a friend. Either way, like any other illness, it is of great advantage when it is detected early enough because treatment is easy and the consequence managed.

It is not as easy as it seems to figure addiction out because the signs of addiction vary per individual and the substance used.

There are, however, some general pointers that would indicate that you or your loved one is suffering from addiction. Although they might not come into view in every case of drug addiction, you should give attention to them when you notice them often enough.

These signs are:

  • Cravings:

Cravings are a central feature of addiction. When you have or notice a conscious and unconscious experience of wanting to use a substance, then addiction is not only at your door but has made itself at home with you. As it develops, you experience intense urges for the substance you use.

  • Physical Dependence:

When you feel the need to take a substance to function effectively, then you’re likely addicted to that substance. Beyond the need, if indeed, your productivity level is low, and you operate sub-optimally without a particular substance, please, check-in for addiction.

  • Tolerance:

Naturally, in most individuals, the more a drug is used, the more the body builds tolerance to it. It implies that you find out you need more of the drug than you would usually need to feel its desired effects.

  • Withdrawal Symptoms:

At the point when you decide to reduce your substance intake or stop altogether and you have withdrawal symptoms. Kindly seek help because withdrawal symptoms are a sure sign of addiction.

  • Poor Judgement:

Addiction causes an individual to go any miles to get drugs or avoid restraint from them. It could include committing crimes, stealing, or harming a loved one. 

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